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White Raven Affiliates:
First Leader, Founding Five: Gilbert Heyner
First Second in Command, Founding Five: Sable (Abel) Locksley
Founding Five: Cain Locksley
Founding Five: Zheng (Kitty) Xiang
Current Temporary Leader, Founding Five: Sei Hanano
Doctor: Annabelle K.
New Member: Io West
New Member: Eppni Jutenjia

Black Doves Affiliates:
Current Leader, Founder: Antionette R.
Current Second, Co-Founder: Lyrebird (Puppy) R.
Former Second: Livi Dalca
Regular Member: Eyen A.
Regular Member: Aya Akimura

NPC, Oracle Twins: Belial and Belphegor
Mechanic: Road L.
Trader: Aven (Avi) Dalca
Informant, Freelancer, and Bartender, lol: ZZ
ZZ's Assistant: Joshua M.
Catacombs Dweller: Hone Kumo


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