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Post by Admin on Mon Jul 01, 2013 9:56 pm

Unlike dead characters, missing characters have the chance to return to the RP. Characters can go missing under these circumstances:

  • If a member is inactive for a two weeks, the character is declared “missing, declared dead” or just “missing”, depending on situation . If the member is inactive for more than a month, they will be kicked and their character will be declared deceased. (see: [link]) (You may inform me and/or the others if you are going away for more than a week or two, then move your character to an isolated place.) If the member returns before two weeks, their character will have to find a way to return into the storyline. Special exceptions may be made and the time limit may fluctuate as well.
  • A character may go missing voluntarily, as in the case of ZZ's character, Zheng. They do not have a time limit to return, and may remain alive as long as you wish. They will be put in orange until otherwise stated. If you remain inactive for an amount of time without prior notice, these characters are susceptible to deletion.
  • If rules are broken. (see: [link])

"Special cases":

  • The original main character, Gilbert Heyner. His creator and player, Gilbert, disappeared off the face of the internet completely, and we have lost all contact with him. His character is declared missing until either plotline events, Gilbert's return, or otherwise. All of his other characters have been declared deceased.


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