Aya Akimura (Dead)

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Aya Akimura (Dead) Empty Aya Akimura (Dead)

Post by radioactiveapplegun on Sat Jun 29, 2013 12:02 am

Aya Akimura - Black Doves Member
Age: 13 - 15 (death)
Date of Birth: self-designated June 6
Gender: Female
Personality: She can come off as a bit eccentric at times, often doing whatever she feels like whenever she feels like. When it comes down to humans, she doesn't care about them, and has a habit of getting into trouble because of it.
Bio: Her was rather strict, and she was forced to learn dance from when she was young. She ran away from home and made a living of dancing on the streets. She eventually hitchhiked her way to the city and took up residence in Black Dove territory. She was recruited later on by said group. She died in some small skirmishes before the major territorial battle during an ambush.
Likes: Warm colors, summer time, dancing, butterflies.
Dislikes: Not a lot.
Weapon: An iron war fan, which she borrowed from Belial.
Appearance: She has red-orange hair waist-length straight hair which she wear loose until she starts dancing (she ties it up in a loose ponytail). Her eyes are orange. etc etc.
Cause of Death: Unspecified.
Other: She mainly does traditional Japanese and Chinese dances, but has been known to be able to dance to just about anything.
Character by: Gilbert West


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