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Cain Locksley (Dead) Empty Cain Locksley (Dead)

Post by radioactiveapplegun on Thu Jun 27, 2013 11:42 pm

Cain Locksley - White Raven Founder
Age: 14 - 17
Date of Birth: January 17
Gender: Male
Personality: Like his sister, he is easy to anger, except he is less severe and kinder to living things.
Bio: Before founding the White Raven group, he lived in a small village in neutral territory of the City of Angel’s Tears with his sister and grandparents. He knew his sister’s fate during the battle, and sacrificed himself trying to save her. To no avail, of course.
Likes: He has a secret soft spot for small animals.
Weapon: Street sign which he is rumored to have broken off himself. It ironically says, “Caution, this area is unsafe.”
Appearance: waiting
Cause of Death: Blood loss.
Character by: Kio Z.


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