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Post by radioactiveapplegun on Fri Jun 28, 2013 12:26 am

The White Raven is the original gang of the story. It was originally founded by Gilbert Heyner, Sable Locksley, Cain Locksley, Zheng Xiang, and Sei Hanano.
(Other members include: Anabelle K.)
Their territory used to stretch over most of the north side of the City, until they got into a battle against the southern territories, and were sorely outnumbered. Four of the five founders were killed or went missing, and the territory was reduced by a large portion.
They currently have three members: Sei Hanano (Leader), and Eppni Jutenjia, Io West
They are currently open for members and searching for a proper leader because of the unwillingness of Sei Hanano.


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