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Post by radioactiveapplegun on Mon Jul 01, 2013 9:21 pm

Annabelle K. - White Raven Doctor
Age: 18 - 19
Date of Birth: September 23
Gender: Female
Personality: Although she is a doctor, she can sometimes be brutal, and lacks a sense of delicacy. When working, she has extreme focus.
Bio: She has not been through medical school, and instead learned all she knows now by improvising and reading medical records and books. She gained an interest in medicine because her older brother got a scholarship to go to med. school. Her brother became an accomplished doctor, but died due to mysterious causes after finding the cure for a previously incurable virus. Her family later went bankrupt and was kicked out of their home. They moved to the city soon after. (By this time, it was already long after the burning.) Her parents died soon after due to deteriorating health, and are buried in the backyard of her home/work space. She joined up with the White Raven after that, and was later caught up in some gang business and killed.
Dislikes: Ungrateful idiots.
Weapon: Various pieces of medical equipment. (such a bad doctor)
Appearance: (waiting)
Cause of Death: Hanging/suffocation.


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