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Pypes uses the city's other children as sort of a huge intelligence force, so he knows what's going on everywhere, and they see him as one of their own, popping by and helping out, doing little tasks for him and asking him for help or advice. In dire circumstances, he can rally them to his cause and gather a small army, armed with spitballs, marbles, slingshots, and whatever dangerous toys Pypes supplies them with. He also teaches a wide variety of subjects to those of of them willing to learn. His best and most devoted students are what he calls his 'apprentices', who manage his other shops and act as main officers among his munchkin brethren. Here is a list of them. These are the main sub-OC's/NPC's.

There are a few of them, but they don't show up at the same time usually. You usually only see them if you go to his other shops, or his back rooms when he's giving lessons. I came up with these guys trying figure out how his other shops can still be run by just him. They're more of background characters, and I only made these to detail them.

Munchkin Template



- 6
- Shoulder length blond hair, white and pink dress, light blue eyes, white hat.
- Was born near the church, met Pypes there while looking for flowers. Joined him after he told her he could teach her to grow her own.
-A fire-hardened foot-and-a-half wooden stick.
-Excels at botany, can get flowers grow however she wants.
-Very color-conscious. Loves flowers. Very bright and cheery.

-Mossy green hair, brown clothes, too-big leather boots, and lots of freckles.
-Met Pypes when she walked into his store trying to find a bathroom. Millie is usually scowling, but loves bread of any kind, and immediately brightens up when eating it.
-An arsenal of bolas she made.
-Millie is skilled at judging physics, and can usually tell what is going to happen to a moving object before it happens, like a spear before it leaves an attacker's hand.
-Usually grumpy unless she's had bread. She has a habit of making people think she's rude.

- Semilong black raven hair. Wears a brown long-sleeved shirt, a green sleeveless jacket, a turquoise sash, brown pants, and slip-on shoes.
-When Pypes went exploring a small beach cove and walked into a cave, Kalpei dropped from the ceiling, hissing and snarling at him, and tried to throttle him. He eventually calmed her down, and she asked him what he was drawing in the sand. He told her 'maths', to which she replied simply, 'teach me'. He brought her back to his shop, where she became his eager pupil.
-A powerful compact slingshot, and bracers over her knuckles for up-close fighting.
-Kalpei is a mathematical genius, and is also a natural geologist.
-Frank and logical. She looks up only to August, her superior, and Terrence, her non-blood brother. She uses her geology skills to know which rocks will hurt the most when launched at high velocity at one's head.

-Waist-length blonde hair. Tall and graceful. Slightly pointed features, wears a simple white dress, and a thick brown shawl and cloak for travel.
-Pypes first saw her running from a man twice her size. She asked him if she could hide in his shop until the man was gone. While she was, she found his books and started reading them. When he found her, he saw her nose buried in his advanced physics textbook. She asked if he could teach her everything, and he agreed.
-Long, Japanese-styled katana
-Science, Math, History, Physics.
-Gentle and kind-spirited, becomes cold when threatened.

-A toddler in a floor-length skirt and a white shirt.
-Was found abandoned on the streets.
-She, without knowing what she's doing, can figure out the correct solution to the most challenging of puzzles, kind of like a sixth sense.
-Laura stands in as her big sister


-Mousy brown hair, hawkish brown eyes, a long-sleeved white shirt, a brown, v-shaped vest, and two orange sashes.
-Was found hopping around on rooftops.
-Long range compact slingshot. Lots of rope.
-A complete natural at physics, and can calculate a jump or run instinctively, letting him navigate the city's rooftops with ease. He outfitted his slingshot for extra range and stability, which, combined with his uncanny grasp of physics and his aim, allows him to pick off targets from afar, even while moving at high speeds.
-Neal is very fidgety, and needs to move at high speed once in awhile to remain sane. His body actually feeds on adrenaline to produce an unidentified chemical that streams to the part of his brain that deals with calculation.

-Sandy blonde hair and brown eyes.
-Was found blocking savage whacks from Laura's stick, which Kalpei was using to try to hit him, with a long tree branch, after the two got in a fight over whether or not there was a monster living underground. (He was right.)
-A long pike.
-A true chemist at heart, Jeremy has already developed a formula for turning water into highly combustible fluid. He is very laid-back, and prefers to let others lead while he follows.
-His pike is long enough that he can use it to vault on top of buildings, but can retract on both sides with the press of a button.

-Spiky red hair.
-Pypes found him while looking for a mechanic. (Incidentally, if he hadn't found him, he would have seen Road's shop three seconds later.)
-Two long, thick steel clubs that he can break buildings with.
-A mechanic with a talent for creating things that can destroy other things.
-He built himself implants in the fingertips of his right hand that respond to electronic impulses. When activated, they activate powerful magnets that allow him to work with ease

Ted and Davis
-Both have green eyes and brown hair with streaks of cyan.
-They were found in a dumpster, curled up and shivering.
-Metal bars that can each be split into two, and, when they clash the tips of all four together, can deliver an electrical shock powerful enough to knock a man off his feet
-History and Geography.
-They are technically Siamese twins, only it's their brains that are connected. Each one sends the other brainwaves to the other via the air, and they actually speak in unison, or by speaking parts of a sentence one at at time. Because of this, they can store vast amounts of knowledge in each brain, and are practically one-way telepaths, since they can send extremely powerful waves at others, but only when they are touching. On the downside, though, if they are separated by a mile or more for over an hour, they will die.

-Wears a cloth shawl that covers one of his arms, and half-covers the other. The covered one as a half sleeve, which is like the sleeve of a robe, only just the bottom half of it, extending from his elbow. The other arm is sleeveless. He has black hair and is always looking super-serious. Wears small, rectangular glasses.
-He was found by Pypes just randomly looking around the shop.
-A wooden sword, vaguely shaped like a wing, that he holds backhand. Also fights barehanded.
-He excels at Maths, Science, Physics, History, Geography, and Literature, and he uses his knowledge of the human body, it's weak points, and physics to know exactly when and how to strike.
-He is not afraid to state his opinion, even if it gets others angry. His motto is: "Well, sir, to be frank, you're a complete and utter moron. Good day."

Correction. The only way to distinguish Ted from Davis is that ted wears a white long sleeved shirt with yellow sweat pants, and vice versa for Davis.

The list of shops and their locations and statistics are as follows.

Shop #
Run By

Shop #1
Near the market, but close to the Black Doves base as well.
Pypes, whoever else happens to be on hand.
Everything... and explosives. (XD)
The original shop, this is the biggest and has the widest selection of items, and is also where Pypes teaches.

Shop #2
Near the church, tucked away in a small space between buildings.
Laura, Fifi.
Medicines and remedies.
One of the quieter shops, this one is smaller and somewhat calmer.

Shop #3
Near the sea, around the edge of town.
Neal, Kalpei.
Weapons, ammunition, and weapon products.
One of the more weathered shops, Neal and Kalpei are always bickering.

Shop # 4
White Raven territory.
Terrence, the Twins.
A lively shop, always filled with clanks and bangs, and generally a warm, welcoming feeling.

Shop #5
The heart of the city.
August, Bartholomew.
Books, and a lot more.
Cold and serious, or gentle and kind, depending on who's managing it.

Shop #6
North side of the city.
Jeremy, Millie.
Generally filled with cries of pain. (Jeremy)


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