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ZZ (Informant and Freelancer) Empty ZZ (Informant and Freelancer)

Post by radioactiveapplegun on Fri Jun 28, 2013 12:01 am

ZZ - Neutral, but does odd jobs and dirty work for gangs as a living
Age: Unspecified.
Gender: Male
Personality: Mysterious and shady.
Bio: He appeared after the battle, and runs and odd job shop he calls “home base”. He does some jobs free, but larger jobs from people with more money may cost quite a bit. He’s not very picky about his requests. His a secondary job as an information dealer. The rest of his story is unknown. (Actually, he and Zheng are the same person, but in the RP, your characters aren’t supposed to know that.)
Weapon: He has an arsenal, but always carries around a sniper and an array of knives for ‘good luck’.
Appearance: He always wears a white mask to hide his face. His hair is pitch black, and he wears rather messy and plain clothes.
Created by: ZZ


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