Belial and Belphgor (The Oracle Twins, NPC)

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Belial and Belphgor (The Oracle Twins, NPC) Empty Belial and Belphgor (The Oracle Twins, NPC)

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Belial and Belphegor (The Oracle Twins) - Neutral
Age(s): Unknown, but appear to be under 10.
Gender: Both are thought to be male, but it is unconfirmed, as their faces are rarely seen, and they both look and sound androgynous.
Personality: Belial rarely speaks, and if he does, he talks of past events rather than the present. He speaks in somewhat cryptic, old fashioned language, and seems to know a lot more than he tells.
Belphegor speaks in a similar fashion to Belial, although he has a provocative tone of voice, and would talk about anything from apples to assassinations.
Bio: Their past is a mystery, but it seems like they’ve been in the city for quite a while. Belphegor can supposedly tell the future, although it is unknown how. He claims to have a 100% accuracy rate, given you don’t interfere. Belial can tell the past, but makes no such claims. Belial is blind on the right, Belphegor on the left. The price of a prediction or a retelling of events is dependent on the situation, person, and how generous they feel. Generally this goes an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Ex- if you need to know the outcome of a serious battle, they might take your arm. If you need the outcome for a test, they might have you treat them to a cheap meal. They do not accept money. They are “good friends” of Sei Hanano, who often has to “babysit” them, which is another word for Belphegor bullying him and Belial trying to stop Belphegor. Belphegor is known to be protective of Belial, yet also very mean to him.
Likes: Trinkets and cake (both). Lazing around (Belphegor).
Dislikes: Money, greed, and noisy people. (both)
Fears: Belial - just about everything
Belphegor - barely anything
Weapon: Belphegor has near perfect accuracy with any sort of long range weapon. Belial uses a fan with razor sharp edges. Of course, they have a variety hung up on the wall of their main base.
Appearance: Both have their hair covering their blind eyes. Belphegor has pale, blue gray hair that becomes lighter towards the ends. Belial’s hair is pale liberty green, and also lighter towards the ends. Both have eyes of similar color to the other’s hair. They are both shorter than 5 feet, and both slightly built with pale skin. Generally, they wear blue green draped, cloak-like hoods with silver scarves. (picture waiting)
Created by: ZZ and Elizabeth Wu


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