Zheng "Kitty" Xiang (Missing)

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Zheng "Kitty" Xiang (Missing) Empty Zheng "Kitty" Xiang (Missing)

Post by radioactiveapplegun on Thu Jun 27, 2013 11:45 pm

Zheng (Kitty) Xiang - White Raven Founder
Age: 12 - 15
Date of Birth: May 16
Gender: Male
Personality: Taciturn. He doesn’t talk a lot. He has somewhat of a potty-mouth whenever he does speak up.
Bio: He supposedly had his eye carved out by a knife, but he never talks about his past. During the battle, he and Sei Hanano were held hostage. He managed to help Sei escape, but his current status and whereabouts are unknown. (He is secretly the informant ZZ, and has temporarily quit the White Raven.)
Likes: Birds, painting, and somehow, bloodshed.
Dislikes: High pitched noises and bright lights.
Fears: Light. And cats. Particularly kittens.
Weapon: Whatever is nearest.
Appearance: wait
Cause of Death: Death unconfirmed.
Other: At one point, he and Puppy were thought to be siblings, but he rejected the suspicion, which just made other people more suspicious.
Created by: ZZ


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