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Post by Admin on Fri Sep 06, 2013 9:15 pm

J here, hijacking the Admin account.
Not really, I mean, everyone knows the password.

J = radioactiveapplegun for all the stalker guests who didn't know.

To the first generation players, excluding the ever allusive Gilbert, I think everybody knows that I'm making an RPG for gen. 1. I'll need your help on recounting the story and getting in the full character profiles. (That's about it though, I have everything else covered.)

(The RPG will take place over either two months or one, depending on how much irrelevant material I decide to cut. All Gen. 1 Characters will be included. The player will play as Gilbert.)

For everyone in general, I need help thinking up a creative name for it, because my naming sense is rather off.

There probably won't be a sequel. Because I'm lazy.
If there is a sequel, I'm probably going to alter the story quite a bit for relevance's sake.

And that's it. I'll keep you people updated on my progress maybe.


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