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Pypephelian Heralival Monloir (Pypes) - Future Black Doves Member
Age: 16
Date of Birth: December 3
Gender: Male
Personality: Normally kind of semi-serious, but sort of has slight MPD where his personality/mood changes dramatically in certain situations. The normal personalities and the situations in which they appear, as well as each personality's favored weapon are listed below.
Managing his shop/Friendly, logical, a bit eccentric/Pacifist
Experimenting in workshop/Extremely eccentric, but brilliant nonetheless/Whatever's on hand
Threatened or overly provoked/Psychopathical, bloodthirsty/See Weapon list.
Interacting with friends/Witty, smart, a bit childish/A wooden sword he fashioned himself.
(More to be added.)

Bio: Pypephelian was born in an arctic wasteland, in a large village. As a young boy, he would venture out to the thriving city some twenty miles away. On foot. Across an arctic ice plain. Full of dangerous predators. He was always enthrall led by mechanics, and met a secretive man who showed him how they worked. This man also showed him the wonders of chemistry, and, eventually, gunpowder and explosives, until, one fateful day, he walked back towards his village, and saw something horrible. The village was built on a sturdy sheet of ice, but recently, that ice sheet had been melting. It had reached a dangerously thin level, and finally sank, plunging the village into the icy, dark depths below, and dragging his whole life down with it. Save for him, there were no survivors. He was left with only his traveling pack, which contained his books of science and mathematics and mechanics, his notebook, his precious teddy bear, Mr. Ruffles, and a coupon from the man's workshop, along with a note explaining how to get to Angel's Tear. After about a month and a week, Pypephelian reached the city, and saw it burning, huge columns of flame twisting and curling. In that fire, he saw something wonderful, amazing. As he walked through the hellish streets, he says that he saw a single flame that burned brighter than any other. Since that day, he has strived to recreate that flame, but has enough restraint not to burn the city down again. He runs a shop located more or less to the southern side of town that sells most everything, but specializes in mechanics, weapons, acids, chemicals, musical instruments, and most of all, bombs. He is very enthusiastic about his coupon system, and plans to give all members of the Black Doves 25-50% off cards at any of his shops.
Likes: Customers, business, experimenting in his workshop, explosions, coupons, Mr. Ruffles, fire, anyone who understands mechanics or gunpowder.
Dislikes: Competition, warm temperatures, cheapskates, dumb brutes, thugs, pyrophobes.
Fears: Drowning.
Weapon: Explosives of all kinds, knives, poisons, swords, tools, acids, boomerangs, bows and arrows, slingshots, slings, rope, various personally designed mechanisms, musical instruments, whatever else is on hand.
  • Height- 4'5"
  • Eyes- Chilly blue
  • Skin- Slightly pale, covered with various stains and smudges.
  • Face- Nose is kind of childishly round, yet sort of sharpish, too. Face has a light sprinkling of freckles.
  • Hair- Extremely messy, yet soft, soft black hair.
  • Clothes- Wears a sort of thick, brown, leather parka cloak, and a thick fur hat that comes down on either side, and on the back, only showing his hair. Generally, all of his clothes are about two or three sizes too big for him.

Other: None


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