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Generation 1 Basic Storyline Empty Generation 1 Basic Storyline

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The incident of Angel Tears has been a well kept secret for five years; after all, all those affected are, well, dead. All bystanders say it was mere accident. There would be no pointed fingers. Or so they thought.
The reject city, nicknamed the City of Angel’s Tears was wiped of the face of the earth, and all of its residents as well. But there were survivors among the witnesses.

Now, five years later, the son of a government official is planning his escape to the city of Angel’s Tears. The city has been rebuilt, and once again, there are people, prospering in their own right, as weeds.
He meets up with four friends along the way, and they head off, their names to be feared an remembered as
The White Raven.

Generation 1 RP- (5 years after the incident)
Of course, this story must have been fake. There is no record of a runaway boy and his four companions, or this City of Angel’s Tears, or for that matter, this “incident”. But it was all real.
Gilbert Heyner was the son of the official who plotted the burning of the city. Gilbert Heyner killed his father five years later as vengeance for the people. Gilbert Hayner ran away from home with his four companions to the City of Angel’s Tears and started a gang called the White Raven.
On their way, they dominated north half of the city, along with their counterpart group, Black Doves. But, as all good things come to an end, they were attacked by an alliance of other gangs from the southern city area. The young hero went missing in action, three of the four founders were gone, and both groups lost most of their members as well, and now...
(8 ½ years after the incident)
Generation 2 RP-


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