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Lyrebird "Puppy" R. - Black Doves 2nd Empty Lyrebird "Puppy" R. - Black Doves 2nd

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Lyrebird (Puppy) R. - Black Doves 2nd in Command
Age: 15 - 18
Gender: Male
Personality: Much like Zheng, he doesn’t talk much, but he’s a major pessimist and overall really shy/ meek.
Bio: He was named after the lyrebird, supposedly because his voice was “like a lyrebird”, as bluntly stated by Antionette, although he cannot speak anymore because his voice box was destroyed in the fire. He is called ‘puppy’ (as opposed to ‘Kitty’) by a lot of people because he takes anything Antionette says seriously and follows her around like a puppy. He is often chained/ handcuffed to a table or chair because he tries to kill himself occasionally, and is usually stopped by ‘Kitty’, who is his “good friend”, or Antionette. Lyrebird is also an orphan like Antionette. Their last name is indeed the same because they are sworn siblings. He is known to be the only person allowed to call Antionette “Annie”.
Likes: Music of most kinds.
Dislikes: Crowds and public speaking.
Fears: Drowning, suffocation, and smoke.
Weapon: Needles, some are poison needles.
Appearance: Waiting
Other: He and Zheng are thought to secretly be brothers because they both look similar and act somewhat similar, but that suspicion was rejected by Zheng.
Character by: ZZ


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