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Post by Admin on Mon Jul 01, 2013 9:44 pm

How do characters die?:

  • Character death must be fully consented to or planned by the character’s creator. any unnecessary character sacrifice will be avoided unless volunteered or voluntary. Suicide is allowed.
  • If a member is inactive for a two weeks, the character is declared “missing in action” or just “missing”, depending on situation (see: [link]). If the member is inactive for more than a month, they will be kicked and their character will be declared deceased. (You may inform me and/or the others if you are going away for more than a week or two, then move your character to an isolated place.) If the member returns before two weeks, their character will have to find a way to return into the storyline. Special exceptions may be made, and the time limit may fluctuate as well.
  • If rules are broken. (see: [link])

Player Killing:

  • Player killing is not allowed under most circumstances, unless consented to, volunteered to, or the player is being, for the lack of a less crude term, an asshole. Other situations must be inquired about.
  • NO RANDOM BLOODSHED ON A WHIM PLEASE. I mean, if you get in a fight with another player, don’t just slaughter them. Seriously people. Let them defend. Or dodge. Or you can always beat them to near death.
  • Player killing is allowed if the character being killed has a death token, which can be given as a penalty for rule breaking. (see: [link])

When your character is dead, they will still remain on the registered characters list, but their name will be in red, and added to the "Deceased and Missing Characters List" (see: [link]).


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