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Character Creation Rules Empty Character Creation Rules

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 01, 2013 9:32 pm

(Please read the the below rules and regulations before starting.)


  • Siblings
  • Twins and Triplets + more
  • Weird Hair and Eye Colors etc etc


  • God-mods, Gary/ Mary Sues, Op’s, or whatever you call them in whatever urban internet slang.
  • Undead/Zombies
  • Magical Powers (some exceptions may be made such as in the Oracle Twins)
  • Er, try to keep your people 100% human, so no demons, furries, nekos, etc etc

The character limit is currently under pending. Try to keep it less than 3.

(If you can think up something, but are unsure whether it’s allowed, just ask about it to a moderator or the admin.)

NO MORE LANDSCAPE CHANGES WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR SPECIFIC CHARACTERS. Geez. You people. (I'm looking at you, Kio. And Alec. >.>) -J

Send the filled in template to the person who referred you to this RP, or directly to the founder/admin via email or PM.
When your character has been approved, you will be emailed/PM'ed back, and your character will be added to the registered character list.
(The template can be found here: [link])


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