Aven "Avi" Dalca (Trader)

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Aven "Avi" Dalca (Trader) Empty Aven "Avi" Dalca (Trader)

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Aven “Avi” Dalca - Neutral, Trader
Age: 18 - 19 (current)
Gender: Male (When he sees his sister, he dresses up as a girl so she doesn’t know it’s him.)
Personality: Growing up with his sister, he naturally became a scaredy cat. He is paranoid about just about everything.
Bio: He spent his childhood taking care of and being mauled by his sister. After his sister left, he led a small, meek life. Surprisingly, when he was 17, he was kidnapped by some human trafficking people. Because his only skill is running away, he ran away, and eventually was found by some traders in the city.
Likes: Little trinkets, small animals
Fears: His sister, a lot of other things
Appearance: His hair is like his sister’s, curly and messy, and also long enough for him to tie into a ponytail (which he often does). Unlike his sister, he is practically skin and bones, though he is also rather tall.
Other: His major muscles are unsurprisingly in his legs, but are used mainly for running away. According to a speculation from his sister while she was visiting him (“her”), if he (“she”) kicked someone, it would hurt a lot.
Character by: Kio


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