Livi Dalca - Black Doves Former 2nd

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Livi Dalca - Black Doves Former 2nd Empty Livi Dalca - Black Doves Former 2nd

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Livi Dalca - Black Doves Member, Generation 1 Former 2nd, resigned
Age: 14 - 17 (current)
Gender: Female
Personality: She can be extremely sadistic, and made it her hobby to bully Puppy in her free time. She doesn’t follow anybody except Antionette because Antionette is the only girl she has lost to in a fist fight.
Bio: Livi was kicked out of her family for her many misdemeanors. She was sent to a boarding school/mental institution for juvenile delinquents, and given up on. She left in the middle of the night and fled to the city, where she joined up with the Black Doves.
After she joined, she was offered the spot of second because of her skill in combat strategy and general combat. She accepted for a period of time, but resigned later on for personal reasons. She was sent out of the city to collect intel on a certain government plot, and missed the territorial battle. She has not returned from the outside (yet), and has not been in contact.
Likes: Fighting, bullying people, and wandering.
Dislikes: “Sticky” people, idiots.
Weapon: Bare handed
Appearance: Her hair is chestnut brown, and extremely curly and messy, often pulled back in a hasty ponytail. She is taller and leaner than most women, with more resistance to pain. Her eyes are grey-blue, and rather cold.
Character by: ZZ


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