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Post by radioactiveapplegun on Fri Jun 28, 2013 12:05 am

Hone Kumo - Neutral, lives in the catacombs below the city
Age: Somewhere around 19.  You kinda tend to lose track of time when you're trapped in a hell maze.
Date of Birth: Only he knows, and he's not telling.
Gender: Male
Personality: Almost always grinning, giving him the air of someone who is completely and totally insane, and doesn't really give a damn.  He seems to enjoy hunting and instilling fear in others a great deal, as he will frequently let out bursts of sharp, high-pitched, unnerving laughter.  Considers himself a part of the Catacombs rather than human.  Hone is actually quite intelligent, being able to quickly adapt to anything.
Bio: Pending.  At some unspecified point in time, Hone was made blind and mute and was thrown into the massive, sprawling catacombs deep beneath the city and left there to die.  He fashioned a flute out of a human leg bone, and can use it to see everything in the catacombs through extensive echolocation, and to speak by mimicking pitch and volume.  Given time, he can mimic almost any sound, and can understand body language and pitch so well that he can understand almost any language.
Likes: The Maze of the Dead, hunting, his flute, animals, music, fighting, killing, skeletons.
Dislikes: Being exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time, most anyone from the surface.
Weapon: A bone flute that, when twisted, separates into two halves, revealing long, thin, sharp, knives.
Appearance: Skin is extremely pale and covered with dirt, cuts, scars, bruises, and grime.  Thin and wiry, Hone seems like a spider, and can move quickly.  He has abnormally large, almond shaped eyes that are completely blank, so he often covers them with a strip of black cloth that also serves as a headband.  His mouth normally seems small, but when he smiles, it seems to stretch freakishly wide across his face in an eerie crescent-moon shape.  His tongue is slightly pointed, as are his teeth, in addition to his set of small fangs, giving him an overall impish appearance.  His features are sharp and angular, like his slightly large ears.  He has shoulder-length black-streaked silver hair, (Which was originally pure black, but, when he first learned to laugh again by exhalation only, the resulting terrifying, animalistic noise scared him such that his hair almost turned completely white.  As he is blind, he is unaware of the change, and still believes his hair is black.) that hangs down in haphazard, spearlike bangs.  His inch-long fingernails look similar to claws, and can be used as weapons.  Hone wears a tattered, grey, brown, and black cloak, usually over ripped grey and black shirts and pants, but does, on occasion, change.

Character by: Alejandro Vincent


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